Three Reasons To Test Your Water Even If It Comes From The City

If you have your own well, your health and safety depends on getting your well water tested regularly (generally the recommended frequency is at least once per year). However, homeowners and well owners aren't the only ones who can and should get their water tested. If you live in the city and get your water from the municipal supply, it's important to have your water tested at some point in the interests of full disclosure and to allow you to make decisions about your own health and safety.

How To Throw Your Cheating Significant Other's Stuff Out Without Damaging It

When significant others cheat, it tends to make their long-time partners a little crazy. Tossing their things out of upper story windows makes the faithful partners feel better, but it could also cost them significant fines in court if the cheating partners opt to sue for damages. If you have just discovered that your spouse or long-time partner has cheated, here is a less expensive way to dump his or her stuff and not damage it.