Eliminating A Mold Problem In Your Home

If you have family members who have recently displayed signs of illness, and you have noticed black markings upon walls inside of your basement area, there is a chance mold is an issue to be dealt with. Black mold causes a variety of health problems and its presence needs to be eliminated as soon as possible so those living in the home are no longer at risk for sickness. Here are some steps to take in the eradication of harmful black mold noticed on basement walls inside of your home.

Get An Assessment To Determine Intensity

If mold seems to be in large quantities, or if someone in the home is suffering from an extreme allergic reaction from the mold, calling a professional is best. This service will do an evaluation of the mold situation to determine how much is present and will assist with a plan for its removal. A professional mold assessment service will have the means to enlist help from a removal service in the area and will help you in taking steps to keep family members away from the harmful spore-filled areas until they can be be eliminated entirely.

Clean All Surfaces With Dispersal In Mind

If the black mold in your home is able to be eliminated with routine cleaning procedures, taking the time to protect the interior of the home while you do cleaning tasks is necessary so spores are not dispersed to new areas. When you start working at cleaning mold out of a room in your home, it is important to seal the area where you are working. Use pieces of plastic sheeting to cover doorways so mold does not make its way into other areas of the home. Use a mixture of bleach and water to effectively kill mold spores from walls, furniture, and other easy-to-reach surfaces. This can be sprayed over the mold and then lightly rubbed with a soft-bristled brush to remove patches of discoloration. Contain loose debris inside of a plastic bag and tie it shut before throwing it away. Install new drywall if mold too difficult to remove.

Take Precautions To Keep Mold From Recurring

Once mold is removed from your basement, it is important to take steps in keeping it from coming back again in the future. Black mold will grow in areas where moisture is prevalent. Take the time to eliminate moisture problems in this area. Fix any dripping plumbing and consider the installation of a sump pump if water levels tend to fluctuate. Seal the foundation or install a vapor barrier underneath walls to help in moisture elimination. Using a dehumidifier or running fans in the basement will also be helpful.

If you are interested in working with a professional mold assessment company, contact a business like AMRC Consulting and Engineering.