How To Throw Your Cheating Significant Other's Stuff Out Without Damaging It

When significant others cheat, it tends to make their long-time partners a little crazy. Tossing their things out of upper story windows makes the faithful partners feel better, but it could also cost them significant fines in court if the cheating partners opt to sue for damages. If you have just discovered that your spouse or long-time partner has cheated, here is a less expensive way to dump his or her stuff and not damage it.

First Step: Dumpster Rentals

As satisfying as it is to just chuck your cheating partner's stuff out of a window, it is even more satisfying to throw it into a dumpster. Rent a dumpster, which can be dropped off the same day if you order it in the morning, and then you can begin to "clean house" of all of your partner's stuff. When you have purged yourself of his or her belongings, you can request that the dumpster is delivered to a specific location, perhaps the home of the person with whom your partner was having an affair or to the residence where your former lover is currently staying.

Second Step: Selling Valuables Given to You

Cheaters often give valuable gifts to ease their conscience. If you find this to be true in your case, you can sell off the valuables given to you via a jewelry store or pawn shop in order to remove them from your home. Then use the money for something that will make you feel really good about yourself.

Third Step: Throw out Less Valuable Gifts and Mementos

If you have gift items like stuffed animals and whatnot, you can use another dumpster to just get rid of it. Throw all of these gifts and mementos out in this second dumpster and request that it be taken to the dump. Be sure you absolutely never want to see these items again, because once the dumpster rental company takes it to the dump, the stuff is gone. If your ex asks about the items, you can let him or her know that they were gifts rescinded, and he or she is not entitled to have them back or sue for things that have no monetary value.

Fourth Step: Decide If You Want to Keep the Bed You Shared

When someone cheats, the faithful person is almost always creeped out by the fact that he or she still sleeps in the bed he/she shared with the unfaithful lover. Decide if you want to keep this bed, and/or any other furniture you shared. If you do not, you can order up another, longer dumpster rental to get rid of this furniture too.

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